Gameplay :

This game has 5x5 grid, each tile in the grid has a Chess icon attached to it.

The player/enemy character stands on any particular tile will follow the rules of that particular chess piece.

So, the player/enemy character will keep change itself to different chess pieces whenever it takes a step on to a different tile on the grid.

It’s a turn based game. The player has 2 moves per turn. And the enemies has 1 move per turn. 
 The red spot on the grid represents the danger spots where an enemy can attack the player. So, you need to avoid the red spot when your turn is over.
Standing onto enemies will kill them and by killing them you will earn Kill credits.
You can use this “Kill Credits” to capture tiles which has “Star” icon on it. 
This game has 8 rooms and each room has some tiles to be captured. Capturing all the available tiles from the room will take you to the next room.
Capturing all the 25 tiles in the Grid is the moment you win the game. 

During the game, you can collect coins from the grid. And which can be used for power ups.

Power ups :

  • Skip a turn (Costs you 1 coin)
  • Freeze an enemy (Costs you 2 coins)
  • +1 Move (Costs you 3 coins)

Controls :

Mouse Supported ;

Use your strategy to kill enemies, capture tiles, collect coins, use power-ups and break the game without getting killed. 

Made withUnity
Tags7dbl, broughlike, Casual, Chess
Average sessionAbout an hour


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Nice game!

It felt it was a bit too easy to bank a heap of coins then never really be at any risk.  Does the enemy spawn rate/count depend only on the current room?  Maybe having it ramp up (more?) based on turn count would avoid this.

This one is for a 7 day game jam. Will definitely work on the game balancing... 

pretty cool game!

Glad you liked it :)

I found myself sitting on this for over an hour, totally addicted. 

One thing - when you win or lose there's no screen telling you this.

I've "reached" level 9 and I was wondering if it means I keep going the kill spree, but I got one step and it seemed like "it crashed" though it didn't. I want some fireworks or a congratz caption.

Hey, glad you liked the game :) We've fixed that issue and added a Congrats message at the end. But to see that, you need to spend another few hours to finish the game :D Good luck ;)

Very interesting game mechanic (: Nicely done

Glad you liked it :)